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Victorian kitchen design.


To send your basket by parcel post into the country, to be filled with farm and dairy produce, and then returned to your home is the latest way of doing the family marketing.

Alice E. Whitaker, 1915

More Kitchens.

1870s Kitchen.
1880s Kitchen.
1890s Kitchen.
1900s Kitchen.
1910s Kitchen.

1910-1919 PANTRY.

1910s New Cooking Gadgets.

Pyrex Refrigerator (costly)Pop-up toaster

1910s New Foods.

Fortune cookieCriscoMazola Salad & Cooking Oil
Hellmann's Blue Ribbon MayonnaiseDomino sugarOcean Spray Cranberry Sauce
Oreo BiscuitsI-Scream-BarLorna Doone cookies
Mary JanesClark BarsPeppermint Life Savers
TastykakesNestle Milk Chocolate BarContadina canned tomato sauce
Kellogg's All-BranMalt-O-MealOld El Paso brand
Veryfine brandVichyssoise"German toast" name change to "French toast"

1910s New Food Companies.

Prince MacaroniLaRosaRonzoni
Riviana FoodsNational DairyTasty Baking
StreitOrange CrushBirdseye
StarKistPeter PaulSwedish Match
Campbell buys Franco-AmericanMama Leone's

1910s Food Industry Beginnings.

4-H ClubHomogenized milk acceptedElectric mixing machine
CellophaneCakes wrapped individually at bakery, replacing shopkeeper cuttingBread loaves bakery-wrapped
Glass-lined milk railroad carChemicals to oxidize flour: bromate; azodicarbonamide; then benzoyl peroxideChemicals to bleach flour: benzoyl peroxide; nitrogen trichloride gas
"Vitamine" namedMercury fungicide seed protector (disastrous results)Coca-Cola distinctive bottle shape
US sugar rationingSlender figure replaces substantial figure idealHot dog stand
Self-service grocery storesSupermarket chain (Piggly-Wiggly)DelMonte national ad (April 21, 1917, Saturday Evening Post)
Fleischmann ad campaign to convince women to buy bakery-made breadHerbert Hoover, US food administrator, "Food Can Win the War"US President Wilson, Armistice Day, "Hunger does not breed reform; it breeds madness"
Sugar futures market in New YorkDrastic rise in food prices (food riots in NY)

1910s Farming Progress.

Plow attached to tractorCattle-herding in Model T automobiles

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